January 29, 2011


Model: Bad Charlotte
Wardrobe by and shot for: ArtificeClothing.com

January 10, 2011

Model kits: What should you bring to a shoot?

Beyond ensuring you get a good nights sleep before a shoot, buffing any ragged nails, and arriving with a clean face, it's wise to bring an emergency kit to shoots. Often some or all of the following items won't be provided, but end up being necessary. Everything--barring the shoes--easily fits into a purse. Please remember to bring....

The Basic Essentials:
-Nude bra
-Nude thong
-black bra
-black underwear.  Hipster/boyshorts are best, on the off chance they need to double as shorts under an outfit.
-Foundation. If you don't have a high quality liquid product on hand already, pick up a bottle of Loreal TrueMatch that matches your skin tone (available at most drugstores). Powdery mineral makeups don't photograph nearly as nicely as liquid foundations.
-Translucent powder and powder puff/brush to set foundation and control shine.
-Mascara in the blackest black times infinity.

Good-to-have Extras:
-Bobby pins
-Safety pins
-Black high heeled pumps
-Lotion without SPF
-Comb and/or hairbrush
-Further makeup such as lipstick (true red and neutral pink), lipgloss, blush, concealer, eyeshadows and kohl liner.