March 30, 2010



Many people ask me where I find models to shoot. I've been fortunate enough to find a few lovelies in my area, but that's an unusual thing for living in nowhere, USA. Unless you're located in a major city like Paris or New York, chances are the talented model pickings in any given area are somewhat slim. What's a 'tog to do? Luckily, many professional independent models travel around fairly frequently. One way to help afford working with one who's swinging through your area is to offer to host them while they're in town. Not all models will take you up on this, but for many the chance to cut the costs of hotels out of the equation is a god-send. 

First, if you have not worked with a particular model before, be sure to have some references to assure them of the solidness of your character. No one wants to bunk over at a skeevy dude's house (see Don't be That Photographer, coming up soon :P). If she's then cool with crashing at your place, proceed to the following:

-HAVE a comfy couch or extra bed to crash on. 
-Make sure there are clean sheets, blankets, and towels.
-Ask if she has any particular dietary needs, and emphasize that you're not trying to be nosy, but that you simply want to make her stay as comfortable as possible. I once bought a bunch of food in preparation for a model who was staying with me for a few days, and she ended up being on a special liquid diet the whole time. Whoops. 
-Know her arrival and departure schedule, and be on-time in picking up and dropping her off at the airport or bus/train station.
-Let her use your internet. Most independent models rely on online networking to keep their schedules up to date, and going without an internet connection can really put a crimp in their plans.
-Have fun! Every traveling model that I've hosted has been a great, easy-going person, and overall cool to hang out with outside of shooting. People who live out of suitcases don't tend to be prima donnas ;)


  1. heya this is adalmin from LJ, so nice to see you on blogger! And I'm digging all the tutorials you have here, lots of useful information :D

  2. Hey, thank you! :D Good to see you here too!