March 16, 2010


Welcome to the Aesthetic Alchemy blog, where all the behind-the-scenes verbosity will be spewed!
I'm Darien Revel, a photographer/former model/stylist and set designer by necessity/reluctant businessperson/beauty enthusiast. This blog is intended to host jabber about the gestalt process of model/fashion specific digital photo illustration, and moreso, doing it on a shoestring budget and doing it well. That includes everything from posts on model posing, styling, set design, art theory, photographic light wrangling, etc. After this post, for the sake of conciseness, I'll make no qualifications like "this won't work for film users" or "in my experience...". All I can discuss is what I know, and I hope you find it interesting and helpful!
In addition to topic oriented ranting, there'll be updates with new Aesthetic Alchemy photosets, behind-the-scenes shoot candids, and tutorials.

Here's a small selection of topics to be discussed in the future:

-The joys of hot lights

-Understanding the applications of natural light

-How to find models, and what to look for in approaching pretty people on the street

-Modeling tips: posing

-Photoshoot etiquette and how to be a benevolent photographic dictator

-Makeup: skin and base makeup

-Composition and ways to emphasize areas of interest

-Putting together a Badass Wardrobe

-Hair design/styling

-Set design

-Finding and using good locations


-Developing a concept

-In defense of retouching: Photoshop is not a 4-letter word

-Hosting a traveling model

-Don't be That Photographer: a guide to NOT being a creep

-Studio set up

-Wardrobe fitting: non-permanent ways to tailor garments to a model

- A model's guide to pre-shot prep

If there are other things you'd like to hear about, do say so: I love suggestions and feedback!

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